Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paper Bag Album

Paper Bag Album

This is made using the Unforgettable Level 2 Paper. 
The base is a paper lunch bag.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


$2! $4! $6! for 8! It's you we appreciate!

Close to My Heart wants to show how much we appreciate you! We are offering an incredible deal to you for 8 days only. From Wednesday, August 4 at 11am (EST) through August 11, While Supplies Last, you can purchase selected My Stickease® assortments for only $2,   Level 1 kits for only $4, and   Level 2 paper packets for only $6 on my Website!

*Get ready because these deals will go FAST!!! Mark your calendar, then hop online on Aug 4th!


Level 1 = $4.00   ~   Level 2 Paper Packets = $6.00   ~   My Stickease = $2.00

X7073A   Abundance Level 1
X7073B   Abundance Level 2 Paper Packet
X7073C Abundance My Stickease
X7112A Animal Cookies Level 1
X7112B Animal Cookies Level 2 Paper Packet
X7112C Animal Cookies My Stickease
X7103A Aspen Level 1
X7103B Aspen Level 2 Paper Packet
X7103C Aspen My Stickease
X7110A Back Country Level 1
X7110B Back Country Level 2 Paper Packet
X7110C Back Country My Stickease
X7114A Bella Level 1
X7114B Bella Level 2 Paper Packet
X7114C Bella My Stickease
X7071A   Best Friends Forever Level 1
X7096A   Blue Ribbon Level 1
X7096B Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet
X7096C Blue Ribbon My Stickease
X7095A   Boom-Di-Ada Level 1
X7095B Boom-Di-Ada Level 2 Paper Packet
X7095C Boom-Di-Ada My Stickease
X7086A Caprice Level 1
X7086B Caprice Level 2 Paper Packet
X7086C Caprice My Stickease
X7078A Cutie Pie Level 1
X7078C Cutie Pie My Stickease
X7108A Daydream Level 1
X7108B Daydream Level 2 Paper Packet
X7108C Daydream My Stickease
X7056A   Discovery Level 1
X7105A Emporium Level 1
X7105B   Emporium Level 2 Paper Packet
X7105C Emporium My Stickease
X7087A Enchanted Level 1
X7087B   Enchanted Level 2 Paper Packet
X7087C   Enchanted My Stickease
X7104A Evensong Level 1
X7104B Evensong Level 2 Paper Packet
X7104C Evensong My Stickease
X7085A   Everlasting Level 1
X7085B   Everlasting Paper Packet
X7085C Everlasting My Stickease
X7082A   Expedition Level 1
X7082C Expedition My Stickease
X7061A   Floral Impressions Level 1
X7061B   Floral Impressions Level 2 Paper Packet
X7061C Floral Impressions My Stickease
X7084A   Floral Tapestry Level 1
X7088A Free Spirit Level 1
X7088B   Free Spirit Level 2 Paper Packet
X7088C Free Spirit My Stickease
X7097A Game On Level 1 Kit
X7097B Game On Level 2 Paper Packet
X7097C Game On My Stickease
X7092A Good Times Level 1
X7092B Good Times Level 2 Paper Packet
X7092C Good Times My Stickease
X7117A Grace Level 1
X7117B Grace Level 2 Paper Packet
X7117C Grace My Stickease
X7060A   Heirloom Level 1
X7060B Heirloom Level 2 Paper Packet
X7091A It's a Guy Thing Level 1
X7091B It's a Guy Thing Level 2 Paper Packet
X7091C It's a Guy Thing My Stickease
X7115A   Jingle Level 1
X7115B Jingle Level 2 Paper Packet
X7115C Jingle My Stickease
X7069A   Just Chillin Level 1
X7069C Just Chillin My Stickease
X7062A Laid Back Level 1
X7083A Let's Get Together Level 1
X7089A   Lifes Delights Level 1
X7089C Life Delights My Stickease
X7101A Magic Moments Level 1
X7101B Magic Moments Level 2 Paper Packet
X7101C Magic Moments My Stickease
X7081A Majestic Blue Level 1
X7081B Majestic Blue Level 2 Paper Packet
X7081C Majestic Blue My Stickease
X7111A Moon Doggie Level 1
X7111B Moon Doggie Level 2 Paper Packet
X7111C Moon Doggie My Stickease
X7075A More To Adore Level 1
X7075B More To Adore Level 2 Paper Packet
X7075C More To Adore My Stickease
X7102A Notebook Level 1
X7102C Notebook My Stickease
X7102B Notebook Paper Packet
X7094A Paper Garden Level 1
X7094C Paper Garden My Stickease
X7100A Perfect Day Level 1
X7100B Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Packet
X7100C Perfect Day My Stickease
X7079B   Rough n Tumble Level 2 Paper Packet
X7079C Rough n Tumble My Stickease
X7080A   Route 66 Level 1
X7080C Route 66 My Stickease
X7098A Sarsaparilla Level 1 Kit
X7098B Sarsaparilla Level 2 Paper Packet
X7098C Sarsaparilla My Stickease
X7072A   School Zone Level 1
X7072C School Zone My Stickease
X7090A   Silhouette Level 1
X7090B Silhouette Level 2 Paper Packet
X7090C Silhouette My Stickease
X7070A   Simple Pleasure Level 1
X7070B Simple Pleasure Level 2 Paper Packet
X7070C Simple Pleasure My Stickease
X7076A   Sonata Level 1
X7076C Sonata My Stickease
X7109A   Stardust Level 1
X7109B Stardust Level 2 Paper Packet
X7109C Stardust My Stickease
X7077C Sweet Harmony My Stickease
X7116A Sweet Home Level 1
X7116B Sweet Home Level 2 Paper Packet
X7116C Sweet Home My Stickease
X7093A Sweet Pea Level 1
X7093C Sweet Pea My Stickease
X7107A That's Amore Level 1
X7107B That's Amore Level 2 Paper Packet
X7107C That's Amore My Stickease
X7113A Tinkerin Level 1
X7113B   Tinkerin Level 2 Paper Packet
X7113C Tinkerin My Stickease
X7118A Twitterpated Level 1
X7118B   Twitterpated Level 2 Paper Packet
X7118C Twitterpated My Stickease
X7106A Unforgettable Level 1
X7106B Unforgettable Level 2 Paper Packet
X7106C Unforgettable My Stickease
X7045A Vintage Travel Level 1
X7045C VintageTravel My Stickease

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'M BACK!!!!!

Picture This
Glitter Graphics

Ok so I had such a GREAT time at Convention in DC that I need to get my butt in gear!  There is sooo much that I would love to share but I can't share it all!!!

I can say that if you haven't checked out Studio J, you may want to!  There are so many new features on there to include editing photos by taking away the blemishes, whitening your teeth, and even removing WRINKLES!!! WOO HOO!!!!

Removing the blemishes is one of my favorites as I have a son who has eczema and this heolps to soften even remove his noticeable spots that you couldn't even tell he had them!

Now we can do internet parties!!! WOO HOO!!! That means that if you have a sister in FL, an aunt in NC, your mom in CA, and your in MI you can send out the EZ invite to them, they order and it will count towards your gathering and YOU get the FREE product!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!

Studio J is also offering memberships that come with GREAT BENEFITS!!!! How would you like to pay just a littl over $6 for a layout!?  I would!!! Ask me and I can tell you how.

Be on the lookout because August 28 is my open house and you are NOT going to want to miss this....I can't post the pictures yet but I will have ALL 8 bundles from Convention and that is ALL the NEW product from the FALL/WINTER 2010 Idea Book!


To top it off I'm searching for 5 people who would like to have free Close To My Heart products!!! If you book a gathering (home, "to go", or online) then you can meet with me to have a sneak peek at some of the new items!!! Your name will also be put into a drawing!!! Contact me today :)

These are the new Summer Palette Colors.  These are retiring:

Clover Meadow
Star Spangled Blue
Citrus Leaf

Act now and get your re-inkers, cardstock, markers, and ink pads if you want these colors!!  These will RETIRE fast....can be as early as August 31!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Michelle Nist's Contest Entry!

Ladies I have a friend named Michelle Nist that is also a fellow CTMH consultant. She has entered a contest and one of the ways to win is by the amount of views that she receives. Here is the link to her video. Please check it out and pass it along to your friends. It is very cute!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Idea Book Card Swap

This is the Card Swap that I was in this month. We do this for every new Idea Book and it is geared toward the new stamps. I was in all 7 rounds so these are the 7 cards that I turned in. I had to make 15 of each! ENJOY!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My Creations Memory Showcase 9x9 - Zachary Duane

Ok so here it is. I have actually had this done for a couple of months but people are really falling in love with it that I have to post it here!  I did the 9 x 9 My Creations Memory Showcase using Silhouette Level 2 paper pack, the matching stickease AND some velcro!!! LOL Enjoy the pics and this is a soon and upcoming workshop! (LOL I just noticed that the year is wrong on the camera!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

National Papercrafting Month Blog

Go to this website everyday to see one beautiful project made with Felicity by corporate.  If you leave a comment everyday you will be in a daily drawing to win one FREE Felicity!  These are so gorgeous and already have given me some ideas!!!  Go check it out!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Close To My Heart Spring 2010 Idea Book Open House

So excited!!!  In just a few days I will be having my New Idea Book Open House! Come see all of the new products in the CTMH Spring 2010 Idea Book!  I will have lots of drawings and a few surprises!!! Please contact me if you would like to have more information!  You can also go to my website to see the idea book online.  For every person that shows up they are receiving their Idea Book FREE!!! I can't wait! Now I am going to go finish prepping. I will post pictures on Saturday night!

Saturday, January 9, 2009
2 pm - 5 pm
My house