Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hostess Pizza Boxes

This is what I do for all my customers that book a Gathering. As an incentive for booking I give them all the material that they will need to prepare for their home gathering.  I decorate a 12 x 12 pizza box.  I always put a pocket on the top of it so that they can put tags or little notes in them if they would like. There are times when I stamp on some of them! These are not stamped but will post some stamped ones once I can get my hands on them (I think they are on my old computer...can check after I post this).  I hope you all like these! I do the same concept for a Party To Go only on the front I put Party To Go instead of CTMH!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wedding Card Box

Ok everyone...here it is as promised!  I finally finished about 3 hours ago but was just now able to get a picture done for you all! Please follow the link to look at the whole box!  I hope you all enjoy it and I will haev their name cards coming up in a little bit!

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crazy Week!

Ok so 2 of my brothers are getting married this week!  My younger brother ties the know on Christmas Eve while my oldest brother is tying the knot the day after Christmas!!! Not to mention that my Mother's birthday is on Christmas and we are having a HUGE Christmas dinner!!!  Right now I am trying to get the card box done for my oldest brother's wedding and finish the placement cards! I still have Christmas shopping to finish and get the stocking stuffers!!!  Oh yeah and who can forget WRAPPING PRESENTS!!! AHHHH!!!! I will try to post pictures if I finish the box today...if not tomorrow!  Wishing all of you a happy last few days before Christmas!!! IT IS CRUNCH TIME!!!! :)

Key To My Heart 6 x 6 Flip Flap Album

I absolutely love how this turned out!  I ended up giving it to my newest downline today for Christmas!  She really loved it and is asking me to show her how to make them. I told her we make 3 x 3 ones as well!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Project

OK so right now I am working on a few mini albums and something really cool that I saw on another consultants website. I will be posting pictures soon of them! Hang tight!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hurley Hospital NICU with Santa

So I had the honor of going to Hurley Hospital yesterday with a fellow consultant and my boyfriend who played Santa! We took Santa to the NICU and allowed parents to get a picture taken with Santa and their precious little ones for the first time ever! We had such a great time and were able to meet such wonderful people. The stories we heard were heartbreaking and some I almost cried for. It was so wonderful to be able to give them a great first holiday with their babies even though they are in the hospital! If any of those parents see this....I want to thank you all for allowing us to come in and take pictures of you and your precious babies and help you put them on a page for you to cherish for many, many years. You were all wonderful to talk with and I enjoyed seeing your little ones! Take care and God bless everyone!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hurley NICU Project

I have had the honor of hosting a wonderful project for the NICU at the hospital right here in my town. All of the ladies on this team have stepped up to the plate and have made so many wonderful layouts. Please follow the link to check them out! ENJOY!!! :)