Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hostess Pizza Boxes

This is what I do for all my customers that book a Gathering. As an incentive for booking I give them all the material that they will need to prepare for their home gathering.  I decorate a 12 x 12 pizza box.  I always put a pocket on the top of it so that they can put tags or little notes in them if they would like. There are times when I stamp on some of them! These are not stamped but will post some stamped ones once I can get my hands on them (I think they are on my old computer...can check after I post this).  I hope you all like these! I do the same concept for a Party To Go only on the front I put Party To Go instead of CTMH!!!


  1. Very nice - you have a great idea goin' there!

  2. Thanks!!! My hostesses love to receive these as each box I make is different. There is always a different 2 page spread and 2 different cards on the inside so they love them to death! Always helps me when I really need that booking!!!